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“At SAIA Sushi & Asian Grill we truly celebrate the art of mixology with innovative, handcrafted cocktails using the freshest ingredients and premium liquors.  For example, the Bi-Polar cocktail isn’t just a simply shaken concoction, but a 4-step process that starts with an absinthe rinse of the glass and finishes with igniting the remains to enhance the overall flavor of
the cocktail.”  — Michael Leslie, Bartender

SAIA’s unique beverage program is a perfect blend of creativity and flair that delivers a sensational drink experience and makes us the perfect choice for your Social Hour cocktail.  Whether you desire a fruit-forward drink with freshly muddled berries or a sassy, citrus concoction with flambé glazed Grand Marnier, SAIA has the perfect cocktail for you.  And if your sweet tooth is craving a sinful dessert, our decadent after-dinner cocktails will leave you extremely satisfied.




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